How to test a case management workflow installed from the Hub

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Case management systems available in the Hub don’t use the default cases dataset ID (cases) for users, so you might not be able to see and manage cases when testing them. To be able to use any case management workflow installed from the Hub, you will need to create and log in as a user with permission levels to do so, i.e., assigned to a user role that nominates the relevant cases dataset ID as the ID to use for case management.



  1. Create a customized user role
  2. Add a new user
  3. Log in as the new user

Create a customized user role

  1. On your server console, go to the Configure tab.
  2. Under User roles and permissions, click Create role.
  3. Give the new user role a title, ID, and short description.
  4. Update dataset ID for case management with the cases dataset ID of your case management workflow. Because the Hub de-duplicates dataset IDs, you will need to identify the cases dataset on the Design tab to see the ID:cases_dataset_highlight.png
    What is key is the human figure symbol used for cases dataset type (even though cases are not always individual people).
  5. Scroll to Access to groups (or Access control on single-team servers).
  6. Select the permission level Can submit responses.
  7. Click Create role. The user role will be created.

Add a new user

  1. Scroll down to the Your users section.
  2. Click Add user.
  3. Select the User Role created above from the dropdown.
  4. Enter the email address or username.
  5. Select Invite users to create their own password or enter the password.
  6. Click Add user.
  7. You should now see the message User was added successfully.

Log in as the new user

  1. In SurveyCTO Collect or Web Collect, log in using the credentials created under Add a new user.

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