Market Research

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1. Introduction

Market research helps businesses and organizations gain a deeper understanding of their market environment, enabling them to make informed decisions and develop successful strategies. This is accomplished by collecting data on a wide range of topics, including customer satisfaction, customer needs and preferences, brand awareness, product development, market size and potential, market trends, risk mitigation, and resource allocation.

Web forms (online surveys) are a versatile and effective way to conduct market research by:

  • Easily reaching a broad audience. Web form links can be distributed through various channels, including websites, emails, social media platforms, messaging apps, or even seamlessly integrated into your website using an iframe.
  • Making user engagement a priority. Incorporating an appealing visual design with the use of colors, images, videos, and providing clear and concise instructions can effectively captivate participants and motivate them to complete the survey. 

In this use case, we explore the process of designing an interactive, user-facing web form within the context of a common market research scenario. This scenario revolves around investigating brand recognition and user requirements pertaining to mobile banking services.

This use case covers the following sections:

  1. Deploy the workflow now!
  2. Overview
  3. Workflow components
  4. Customization and improvements

2. Deploy the workflow now!

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Advanced users can find the sample workflow files in this folder. For help with manual deployment, check out our support article Deploying form definitions and server datasets.

3. Overview

In this workflow, you will be able to:

surveycto_icon.png Style labels with HTML to adjust font sizes and colors, as well as bold and italics, highlighting what’s important to the respondent.
surveycto_icon.png Add images (e.g. brand logos) to question and choice labels.
surveycto_icon.png Embed online images or .gifs with HTML for visual engagement.
surveycto_icon.png Embed Youtube videos (e.g. marketing material) to be played by the respondent.
surveycto_icon.png Add a progress bar to your form to improve your completion rates.
surveycto_icon.png Change the appearance and interactivity of default fields to improve engagement and user-friendliness (e.g. ranking items).

This design is tailored specifically for web forms. Some of the styling elements employed may not be compatible with SurveyCTO Collect.

Add images and styling Play Youtube videos inside the form
Intro Style Youtube Embed
Slider selector Drag and drop ranking
Slider Drag and Drop
Clickable image  
Clickable Image  
Click images to enlarge

4. Workflow components

This workflow has 1 form. Below, you can find the corresponding files and main purposes.


Workflow Component Files
Click on the section to access the files.
Name Market Research

Definition: Sample Form - Market Research

Attachment(s): images

Field plug-ins: ranking-choices, slider-label, specify-other, text-box, scto-youtube, clickable-svg

Description This form is designed to be deployed as a web form. It asks participants about brand awareness, product usage, and their needs and preferences related to mobile banking apps.

5. Customization and improvements

SurveyCTO has endless possibilities, so this workflow is only the beginning. Feel free to modify and expand on this workflow to fit your own needs. Here are some tips on what you can add:

  • Make sure you explore the most suitable methods for you to distribute and manage your web form:
  • You can adjust your web form settings by navigating to the Collect tab and clicking Settings for the related form. Options include allow anonymous form access, allow non-linear form navigation, adjust form width, allow start over, and more!
  • This form uses several field plug-ins to extend SurveyCTO’s built-in functionality. To view other available field plug-ins, visit our field plug-in catalog, or learn how to create your own field plug-in to meet your specific needs.
  • This form uses the scto-youtube field plug-in, which is sufficient for the purpose of playing the video from within the form. If however, you want to gather more data from the video interaction, the youtube-detector field plug-in enables tracking for how long the video is played, if the video is completed or not, and several other functions, including autoplay.  
  • If you are interested in adding or adjusting the progress bar in your form, take a look at this supporting article.
  • SurveyCTO offers the option to translate not only the form design but also the web form interface, including text on buttons, navigation, etc. You can achieve this by choosing from the four preset translations (English, French, Hindi, or Spanish) or by creating your own custom language translations. You can learn how to use web form interface translation functionality in this article.
  • Explore our web form resources catalog to gain a deeper understanding of how web forms can enhance your data collection strategy.
  • In this example, labels were added to the choice list images in the “mobile_banking_brands” field (1, 2, 3, etc.) however, you can remove choice list labels to display only the images as choices. While you will receive a warning message when saving your form, this will not impact the functionality of the form. Example warning message - Warnings: On the choices sheet there is an option with no label. [list_name:listname]

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