How to create and share a web form


The form has to be deployed before you can share it as a web form.

These steps repeat the actions that were taken in the video above.


Turn on web form Data Collection

  1. Go to the Collect tab of your server console.

  2. Set Web Data Collection to On. Now signed-in users will be able to access the form via a web browser.

Get the URL of the web form

  1. Go to the Collect tab of your server console.

  2. Click Share to the right of the form you wish to share.

  3. The URL (link) for the web form will be displayed.

Allow Anonymous Access

The default access setting is that only signed-in (credentialed) users can access the form. If you would like to allow the form to be filled out by anyone who clicks the link, you will need to complete the steps below to enable Allow Anonymous Access.

  1. Click Settings on the form you wish to share.

  2. Go to Allow anonymous form access and set it to On.

  3. Click Save. The form can now be completed by anyone with the URL.


What is a web form?

A web form is a form/survey that is filled out using a web browser as opposed to the SurveyCTO Collect mobile app. Any SurveyCTO form can be a web form. Try it out for yourself with our Web form example.

Where can I find the shareable URL for a web form?

To get the shareable  URL for the web form, go to the Collect tab and click Share to the right of the form you wish to share.

Can I translate the web form User Interface (the navigation and buttons) into other languages?

Yes. We provide web form interface translations in English, French, Hindi, or Spanish. If you want the web form interface to appear in another language, you have the ability to translate and install that yourself.

Can I add the web form to my own page/website?

Yes! You can use HTML to embed a SurveyCTO web form onto any web page.

Is it possible to have each user fill out a web form just once?

Yes. You can create one-time web form links to distribute to via email or text using unique links.

Further Reading

The sample web form includes examples of:

The Web form resources catalog offers a guide to creating and distributing your web forms, and you can also check out our support article Limitations of SurveyCTO.


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