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While SurveyCTO is a mobile-first platform, there are times where it will be better to use web forms instead of field enumeration. Luckily, SurveyCTO's web forms feature can be a helpful part of your data collection strategy. Here is a catalog of resources that will be useful to anyone collecting data using web forms.

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Product documentation

The core product documentation contains the following basic guidance on web forms (but do read on for more):

Support Center articles

The SurveyCTO Support Center is the home of support and expanded advice and guidance on all things SurveyCTO, going beyond the product documentation to help you master the platform.


Form design

  • How to design forms that accept incomplete interviews: It is more difficult to have respondents complete a form over the phone or online, so this article guides you on how to design a form that allows partially complete forms to be submitted (if a phone interview respondent hangs up, or if respondent filling out a web form runs out of time, but is willing to submit the form).
  • Adding progress bars to your form: Show enumerators and respondents about how much longer the form will take. Alongside setting expectations as to how long a form will take, providing a sense of progress can increase the rate at which respondents complete the form.
  • Constraining time fields in SurveyCTO: Because web forms use UTC time instead of the local time zone, you may need to use special constraints in your time fields.
  • Capture IP addresses in your form: Collect IP addresses for web-standard user tracking with the get-ip-address field plug-in. This field plug-in also offers an option to anonymize IP addresses. Visit the field plug-in catalog to see all available field plug-ins.


  • How to translate your web forms' interface: Load and display the web form in the respondent's preferred language, so they understand how to navigate your forms.
  • Guide to unique links: Customize URL links so you can track respondents and customize their forms.
  • Guide to mail merge: Send customized emails containing a web form link to a large number of respondents easily, and even track who has opened the emails and certain links.
  • Branding and redirecting web form links: Brand your form URL links so that they look more familiar to your respondents. You can also use the features of link branding tools to track how many times your branded link was clicked on.


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