Pause a team to help economize between projects

While teams on SurveyCTO servers are a great way to organize forms and data collection, they do have associated costs. What if you don't always need your teams? 

For users on multi-team servers you now also have the convenient option of pausing individual teams. This saves you the trouble of deleting and recreating teams to economize. While a team is paused, it will be hidden from view, and no one will be able to access any forms or datasets in that team group. No one will be able to upload submissions, or download and export data. All publishing connections will be paused.

To pause a team, visit the Your teams section of the Configure server console tab. Locate the Pause button below the team's title and click on it. Read the description carefully, and click on the Pause button to confirm.


Importantly, if you do not wish to be charged a team-month credit for a team you have paused, there is an additional step. Visit the manage subscription page to edit your subscription to reduce the number of teams you'll be charged for.

When you wish to reactivate a team that had been paused, simply click on the Resume button which sits in place of the Pause button on the Configured tab. You may first have to increase the number of available teams on the manage subscription page.

The above is also described in the product documentation on teams.


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