SurveyCTO Desktop Linux installation troubleshooting

While SurveyCTO Desktop is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux, some Linux users might run into some trouble when installing the snap package we distribute. Your computer might, for example, show you a warning that says the following:

error: cannot find signatures with metadata for snap

Firstly, there's nothing to worry about with SurveyCTO Desktop. It is safe to install. You may however need to specify the --dangerous flag when installing it, which overrides signature checking. The full command to run is:

sudo snap install --dangerous SurveyCTO+Desktop-Linux-amd64.snap

If you need more help with installing SurveyCTO Desktop on Linux (or anything else SurveyCTO-related), trial and paid subscribers can start a support ticket from the Support Center by clicking on the Submit support request link. All users, including those on the free community edition plan, can post questions in the community forum.

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