Is it possible to do surveys in multiple languages?

Yes! SurveyCTO has incredibly robust multilingual support:

1. You can do your surveys in any language you want, as long as the font needed to display that appropriate script for that language is installed on the Android devices you are using. Your choice on what devices to buy is something to consider in this light.

2. You can create and conduct your survey in multiple languages at the same time; surveyors can switch between languages during a survey whenever they need. There is no limit to how many languages are programmed into a survey form at the same time.

3. Your question text, answer options, hints, constraint messages, even any media included with your question (such as images, audio clips, or video clips) can all be in multiple languages. 

To learn details about how you can add additional languages to your survey, please read this help topic: Translating a form into multiple languages.

SurveyCTO Collect app labels

Separate from your survey form - which, to re-emphasize, can be in any language in the world and in multiple languages at the same time - the SurveyCTO Collect Android app itself is also available in multiple languages, so that the Android app's main buttons, settings options, etc. can also be viewed in a language your surveyors are comfortable in.

The Android app itself can currently be viewed in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Nepali, Bengali, Burmese, Portuguese, Georgian and Dutch (Dutch is incomplete). To display the app in any of these languages, just go into your Android device's language settings and change the device language to your desired language. Then open the SurveyCTO Collect app and it will automatically display in the new language.

We can also program the app in additional languages upon request (a fee is involved). Please get in touch by submitting a support request from the My requests link in the top right of this page, if you want us to program the app interface in a new language. If you are a community user and are unable to submit support requests, you can add a post to the community forum with a similar request.

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