An overview of SurveyCTO servers

As you know, we build and maintain a separate virtual server for every customer. Even though this server architecture is extremely costly for us to maintain and support, we think your data — and your peace of mind — is worth it.

Each virtual server includes the SurveyCTO Server, as well as matching versions of SurveyCTO Collect and SurveyCTO Desktop. Once a customer starts with SurveyCTO, the software for all three components is locked in and does not change. That way, once you test and deploy, there are no surprises.

Our goal is to keep all SurveyCTO servers running 24x7, and Amazon's excellent cloud infrastructure helps us to meet this goal day in, day out. Even if individual systems fail, we have redundancies in place that will keep all servers online and running.

In order to keep tabs on things, we have an outside service that checks every SurveyCTO server and every back-end database every minute, from multiple continents. If there is any problem, our team is alerted immediately, day or night, so that they can respond.

In order to avoid unscheduled down-time, we do have to perform preventive maintenance, however. We schedule this maintenance during a time when server usage is typically lowest: from midnight GMT Saturday night to 2AM GMT Sunday morning. During this time window, you may experience brief interruptions in SurveyCTO service. We apologize for any inconvenience.


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