SurveyCTO Desktop form validation: Feature not available

If you are trying to validate your form using SurveyCTO Desktop offline form tools, and your operating system is macOS (Monterey) 12 or higher, you might have come across the following error message:


This tool relies on Python 2 to work, which is no longer the default Python version in recent versions of macOS. Even if you already installed Python 2 on your computer, it is likely that SurveyCTO Desktop is not recognizing it. If you are facing this issue, just follow these steps:

1. First, check whether Python 2 is installed on your computer. You will need to open the Terminal. You can search for "Terminal" using the launchpad or your preferred method to find applications.

2. Enter python2 --version:

  • If the Terminal returns "command not found: python 2", Python 2 is not yet installed on your computer. Continue following the steps.
  • If the Terminal returns "Python 2.x.x", Python 2 is already installed on your computer. You can jump to step 5.


3. Go back to SurveyCTO Desktop and click on the link provided to download Python 2. As of today, the latest version of Python 2 is Python 2.7.18. You can choose this version to download.

4. Once the installation is completed successfully, open the Terminal again (see step 1) and enter python2 --version. This command will return the version of Python previously installed (e.g. "Python 2.7.18").

5. Enter which -a python. This will return your Python path(s). You might find two different paths if you have both Python 2 and 3 installed on your computer. The first should be the one related to Python 2: "/Library/Framework/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/bin/Python" (note the "2.7" in the path). Select the Python 2 path and copy it to your clipboard (Press Cmd + c).

6. Go back to SurveyCTO Desktop. Click the Python 2 Path text box and paste the path previously copied (Press Cmd + v).

7. Click OK.

You should be all set to validate your forms when offline using SurveyCTO Desktop.

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