CATI starter kit addendum: Continuing to use SurveyCTO Collect 2.70

This article is an addendum to part 2 of our CATI guide. We strongly recommend that you follow the instructions in the CATI guide about using the early release version of SurveyCTO Collect if you're running CATI projects on Android devices. While not the only benefit, the server dataset publishing workflow that our recommended approach to CATI depends on can be fully automated, requiring no intervention from users. This is a big improvement on the CATI workflow, as well as any other server dataset-powered data collection workflow.

However, if you prefer using the official release of SurveyCTO Collect for Android, you can still use that version. There are a few extra manual steps required to update the attached cases dataset which need to be followed.

The first part of updating the local copy of the cases dataset when using SurveyCTO Collect 2.70, is to download those updates from the server. Under General Settings in SurveyCTO Collect, enable the Auto download options. When enabled, SurveyCTO Collect 2.70 will check for updates 10 minutes after submitting data to the server, and then once per hour.

To install form updates on SurveyCTO Collect 2.70, you can do one of the following:

  1. Download the form again from the Get Blank Form menu.
  2. Install automatically downloaded form updates. When new form and dataset updates are available, an Install Form Updates menu will appear on the main menu. Open it, and you can install the form updates from there. (As mentioned above, make sure the Auto download options have been turned on.)
  3. When a blank form is opened, install the update when prompted. (As mentioned above, make sure the Auto download options have been turned on.)

You can also check for updates manually, just in case your internet connection is not as consistent, or if updates are expected faster than every 10 minutes. While you're in General Settings, enable Display send/receive status. This option adds a synchronization button on the main menu that you can tap to download form updates, which can then be installed using either option 2 or 3 above. It will also submit finalized forms. Enumerators can tap this button right after completing a form, and right before starting a new form instance.

Note: Refreshing the case list in Manage Cases is not the same thing as installing a form update. While the two have data in common, only an installed form update will contain updated data that can be pre-loaded into the form. While this advice remains true using SurveyCTO 2.70.1, with the recommended settings turned on, the app will seamlessly update both the Manage Cases menu and the pre-load data automatically, so this will not be an issue.

Again, please consider using the early release version of SurveyCTO Collect for Android, for a much better experience.


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