Video resources

Below are a selection of short videos that introduce you to various SurveyCTO features and techniques. Please visit our video library to view all of our video resources, including short videos like the following, and longer webinar recordings on useful subjects.

Platform Overview


Get a general overview of the SurveyCTO platform, covering the basics.

Intro to Form Design: Form Designer

SurveyCTO includes powerful tools for building forms that people fill out either online or offline. This video shows how to get started building forms in SurveyCTO, using the online form designer.

Tables: Paper to Digital

How do you translate a table, from a paper form, into a digital format? This video shows how "repeat groups" work in SurveyCTO, using a simple household roster as an example.

SurveyCTO Collect: Getting Started

Learn how to set up SurveyCTO Collect, an Android app that data-collectors use to fill out forms on their Android phones or tablets.

Intro to Monitoring: Data Explorer

Learn about SurveyCTO's Data Explorer tool that helps you to monitor and learn from incoming data faster than ever. Learn how to use it in this first video in our Monitoring series. There are three additional videos in this series which you can find in our video library. 

Online Support Center: Accessing Support


All SurveyCTO users have access to the Support Center, and all users with paid subscriptions have access to professional support. This video shows how to access the online Support Center (you've clearly figured that out already!), open requests for professional support, and manage who on an account has access to professional support.

Again, please visit our video library for more video resources.



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