How to review and correct submissions

As part of your data quality control, you can hold submissions for review and provide corrections or comments before approving or rejecting them. This is called the review and corrections workflow.

These steps repeat the actions that were taken in the video above.


  1. To get started, go to the Monitor tab of your server console.
  2. Under Form submission and dataset data, go to the form you would like to turn on the review and corrections workflow for and click review workflow.
  3. In this module, where it says Enable review and correction workflow for this form set it to YES. You can adjust the other review and corrections settings if you'd like.
  4. To complete turning on the workflow, click Save.
    Now, whenever there are new submissions they will be held for review until they are approved by a data reviewer.
  5. When you are ready to review submissions, return to the Monitor tab and scroll to the form you would like to review. If there are submissions ready for review, it will say so in a yellow box. You will also be notified under the Alerts icon of your server console. Click Review now to begin the review process.
  6. The data explorer will open in a new tab. In the top right, it will say which submission you are on and how many submissions are waiting for review.
    In the middle, it will list each field name followed by the field value entered by the enumerator. Scroll down to view all of the form data.
  7. If you would like to make a correction, hover over the field you would like to correct and click the pencil icon. From there you can change the value and also add a comment. When you are ready, click the check mark and your change will be applied. 
  8. To make a comment without the correction, hover over the field and click the speech bubble icon. Enter your comment and click Comment when you're done.
    A record of all comments and changes will appear on the right. 
  9. When you're ready to give a final evaluation, at the top click Flagged and held for review (not yet released) in red. Classify the submission as Good, OK, Poor, or Fake. If you like, you can make a comment about the submission overall, but this is optional. Then, either approve or reject the submission. At the popup, confirm your selection.
  10. Finally, at the top, click Save changes.
    The submission has now been approved with its corrections.
  11. Click the arrow on the top right to continue to the next submission waiting for review.
    When exporting your data, you can choose to only export accepted submissions, rejected submissions, submissions awaiting approval, or some combination. The exported data will also have additional columns containing all information related to the review and correction workflow.


Can I edit submissions directly in the server console?

Yes! See step 7 above.

Can I create automated data quality checks?

You can use data explorer to monitor incoming data and configure automated quality checks for any of your forms.

Can I “un-approve” data that I already approved?

Yes, if the Allow un-approve and un-reject option has been enabled, you will be able to un-approve a previously approved submission. Learn more about using advanced data correction workflows to correct your data downstream here.

Further Reading

Learn more about SurveyCTO’s review and correction workflow in our product documentation.


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