How to manage your server

These steps repeat the actions that were taken in the video above.


Method 1: From your server console, click your username in the upper-right, then Manage subscription.

Method 2: Go to, and log in.

Settings in Manage Subscription

Here are the settings discussed in the video:


Subscription level: Check the number of teams on your server, add additional teams to your subscription, and remove teams from your subscription.

Team month credits: Your current balance of team-month credits. One team-month credit is consumed each billing cycle for each team you have. For example, if you have a 3-team subscription, then 3 team-month credits will be consumed each month. You can also purchase additional team-month credits here, including enough for a bulk discount.

Extra submission credits: Your current balance of extra submission credits. These are used after your allocation of monthly submission credits are consumed, so your enumerators can continue to submit data. You can also purchase additional extra submission credits here. You can learn more in our FAQ.

Click here to request a quotation: Request a quotation for a SurveyCTO subscription, which can then be turned into an invoice.


Billing and notification emails: Who will receive emails regarding important billing and server information. Billing emails include notifications about automatic renewals and new purchases, and Server emails include notifications about server usage, closures, and data erasures. We strongly recommend having at least two billing notification users and two server notification users, so that if one user is unavailable, the other user can keep an eye out for important messages, such as if the credit card on file failed to be charged.


Manage your support users, who will be able to submit support requests to receive help from SurveyCTO support. You can have up to three support users per team on your subscription.


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