How to manage your teams

These steps repeat the actions that were taken in the video above.


You must be an Administrator of your server to manage teams.


Part 1: Add teams to subscription

  1. On your server console, click your username in the upper-right, then click Manage subscription. The Manage subscription page will open in a new tab.
    1. You can also go to and log in from there.
  2. Under SUBSCRIPTION, for Subscription level, click Add/remove teams.
  3. Go through the wizard to add teams to your subscription.

Part 2: Set up teams

  1. On your server console, go to the Configure tab.
  2. Under Your teams, click Add team.
  3. In the module that appears, click Next.
  4. Give the team a Team name. When you click away, the Team ID will auto-populate.
  5. [Optional]: Give the team an Internal reference code.
  6. Assign a group to the team. Either create a new group using Create new group, or select an existing group using Use existing group.
  7. Click Create team and continue.
  8. Your team has been created! Click Next.
  9. [Optional]: De-select the user roles you do not want to copy. It is generally best to leave all user roles selected.
  10. Scroll down and click Next.
  11. User roles for that team have been created. Click Next.
  12. [Optional]: For each user role you would like to assign users to, click either Invite new user or Migrate existing users, and follow the wizard to invite or migrate users to the new user roles for the new teams. You can also do this later.
  13. Scroll down and click Next.
  14. Click Close.


You can also learn more about teams in general on our main FAQ page.

What is a group?

A group is a group of forms and server datasets. You can create them on the Design tab of your server console: Click a plus on the left, then Add a group, and you can create a new group.

What is a team? A team is a secure area on your server with its own forms and datasets, and you can restrict access to that team, so only specific users have access to the forms and datasets for that team. Each team will have a group assigned to it, and only members of that team will have access to that group.
How much is each team?

The cost of each team depends on the pricing plan you choose and what you determine is right for you. With a monthly subscription, costs start at $250 for the Basic plan, $350 for the Pro plan, and $700 for the Advanced plan. There are also bulk discounts available.

For example, if you are on the Pro plan, and you have a server with two teams, then you will be charged a total of $700 per month. With bulk discounts, if you are on the Basic plan with a single team, and you pay for twelve months of service in advance, then you will only pay $225 per month.

What is a user role?

A user role is a set of permissions that governs the access of a user. Every user must have a user role. User roles determine which groups that user can access, and what permissions the user has for that group. For example, a user role can have "Data collection only" permission for Group A, and users with that user role will be able to collect data for Group A, but they will not be able to view data for that group, and they will not be able to access any other group.

Can a user have access to multiple teams?

Yes. You can create a user role that has access to multiple teams/groups, which you can learn about in our video How to create a user role.

What are shared groups?

A shared group is any group that does not belong to a team. Access to shared groups can be restricted for each user role.

Why can't I add a team to my single-team server?

Only multi-team subscriptions can have teams set up on the Configure tab. If you have a single-team server, you cannot have any active teams listed under Your teams; all teams must be either paused or deleted.

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