Keep SurveyCTO Collect up to date to avoid losing data

If you are running a very old version of Survey Collect for Android (version 2.70.1 or earlier), future updates could result in apparent data loss. If you have updated any time in 2021, you have nothing to worry about. For affected users, it will appear as though updating SurveyCTO Collect causes all their forms, data, and settings to be deleted. In reality, this data will have simply been moved to a new location, and will be fully recoverable.  

Who will be affected?

Anyone updating directly from an older version of SurveyCTO Collect for Android. Specifically, anyone updating from 2.70.1 or earlier. See the release notes for more information about prior versions.

What should I do now?

All you need to do right now is update SurveyCTO Collect to the latest version. As long as your device is running version 2.70.2 or later, this issue will not affect you. It is always free to update SurveyCTO Collect, which you can do either from Google Play or from the SurveyCTO Collect download page. See this article for more information on keeping SurveyCTO Collect updated. 

What is actually changing? 

We will be updating SurveyCTO Collect to target Android 11. One of the results of this change will be that SurveyCTO Collect will no longer have any access to the root Android storage location, which is where SurveyCTO Collect used to store all of its data up until version 2.70.2. In SurveyCTO Collect 2.70.2, we switched to using app-specific storage for SurveyCTO Collect.

What can I do if I’m affected?

To restore your data, simply follow these steps:

  1. If you’ve collected any data since you updated SurveyCTO Collect, make sure to submit that data first. 
  2. Once you’ve verified that there are no more unsent forms that need to be submitted, delete the SurveyCTO Collect app from your device.
  3. Download and install SurveyCTO Collect 2.70.9 by clicking here.
  4. Open SurveyCTO Collect. 
    1. You will be guided through a migration process which will automatically transfer your old forms and data to the new storage location. 
    2. For most users, this will be a quick, 1-step process. If you would like more information about what the migration entails, read this topic on switching to app-specific storage.
  5. Once you’ve completed the migration, you’re all set! You can now update to the latest version of Collect, either from Google Play or from the SurveyCTO Collect download page.



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