How to deploy a spreadsheet form definition

In SurveyCTO, you can design your forms directly from our built-in online form designer or using a spreadsheet form definition. If you already have a spreadsheet form definition ready, this video will show you how to add it to your SurveyCTO Server.

These steps repeat the actions that were taken in the video above.


  1. Log into your SurveyCTO server console.
  2. In the Design tab of your SurveyCTO server console, click a [+] on the left.
  3. Click the Upload form definition button.
  4. In the Form definition box, click Select from your computer, if your spreadsheet is located on your computer or click Select from Google Drive, if your spreadsheet is located in your Google Drive folder. You can also drag and drop the spreadsheet you wish to upload into this box from your computer.
  5. Click the Upload button. A popup will let you know if your form uploaded successfully.


What is a spreadsheet form definition?

The spreadsheet form definition is a spreadsheet that defines all aspects of the form to be filled out, such as fields, groups, choices, and more. The spreadsheet form definition is contained in a spreadsheet document that you can easily edit, save, back up, collaborate on, copy, paste, and manage. You can edit these documents directly in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, or you can use our online drag-and-drop form designer to edit them. Learn more about efficient form design using Google Sheets or follow this Guide to help you get started.

Why would I use a spreadsheet form definition instead of the online form designer?

The spreadsheet form definition (as opposed to the online form designer) is better suited for large-scale copying-and-pasting, collaborating with others (even in real-time, if you're using Google Sheets), tracking changes, or working fully offline.

How do I download the spreadsheet form definition of my form?

To download an existing spreadsheet form definition:

  1. On the Design tab of your server console, go to the form you wish to download.
  2. Click Download.
  3. Click Form files.
  4. In the Deployed form version box (or the Draft form version box), click Spreadsheet form definition. The Excel file will automatically download.
How can I deploy my form with auxiliary files (e.g. images, audio, CSV/XLSX files, etc.)?

If there are files that need to be attached to the form, such as images, data files, field plug-ins and more, set Attach files to YES. And select the files to be uploaded/attached. If you don’t have attachments, you can leave the Attached files selector as NO. Learn more about attaching additional files here.

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